Aaditaal… tuned to Nature

At Aaditaal, we have countless songs of loveable birds, trees glittering with myriad fireflies, the unfathomable sky full of constellations, the roaring sea and all this added to a perfect rural ambience of Konkan…

Distinct Features:

  • Just 5 km from Guhagar.
  • A quiet and serene atmosphere.
  • Comfortable ambience and a special Konkani cuisine.
  • Hygienic campus.
  • Independent and self-contained rooms.
  • Dormitories for the groups.
  • Vegetarian Food.
  • Children play area: Swing, slider, hammock.

What more, one can roam around to watch the bounty of nature as well as the man-made beauty of ancient art, nearby places for worth visit…

Hedvi (35km)

Hedvi, a compact village, is situated close to Guhagar. It is renowned for ancient temples, beautiful beaches and other religious sites. Hedvi is famous for beach and Shri Dashbhuj Laxmi Ganesh temple. This temple, constructed during the era of Peshwas, has an idol of Dashbhuja Devi made in marble.

Guhaghar Beach (05km)

Guhagar beach, a perfect place for a ride is a virgin beach of Konkan coastal line. It offers a long and clean stretch of white sand. Guhagar Bus Stand is nearer to the Beach.

Vyadeshwar Mandir (05km)

Vyadeshwar temple is situated near the Guhagar State Transport Bus Stand. This is a ‘Panchayatan’ kind of temple, i.e. a set of five temples in which the main shrine at the center is of Shri Vyadeshwar (Lord Shiva) and the other deities at the surrounding are Surya, Ganesh, Parvati and Vishnu along with goddess Lakshmi at South-East, South-West, North-West and North-East respectively. Statue of Nandi is installed in front of the main shrine and there are statues of Garud and Maruti too, as we enter from the east entrance. Three Shiv temples nearby are known as Talkeshwar, Balkeshwar (Valukeshwar) and Udaleshwar (Uddalakeshwar) respectively.

Fort GopalGad (15km)

The GopalGad fort at village Anjanvel is a sea fort with an approximate area of 7 acres. The fort is guarded by strong fort walls and has total 12 Buruj. Most of the fort walls are still in a standing condition. Boulders can be seen adjacent to the exterior of the fort walls.
Inside the fort there are thick bushes and mango trees. But as one moves ahead, various structures are visible, such as Killedaar’s residence, three wells, and many foundations. When there is not much grass on the fort walls, the whole fort can be traversed along the boundary walls. Interesting view of the sea and villages can be seen on this traverse.


Durga Devi Mandir (05km)

Shri Durga Devi temple is an ancient temple located at Guhagar. It is considered to be the Kuladevata or clan goddess of many Chitpavan families from Konkan region. The temple, surrounded by a lake with central wooden pillar has main shrine of Shri Durga (Goddess Shakti) at the center and the other adjacent deities are Surya, Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.