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Aaditaal… A must visit resort in Konkan

Konkan like Kerala, is God’s own country. It has sprawling clean beaches, swaying coconut and beetle nut trees and lots of greenery everywhere. The air is unpolluted and filled not with the shrill noises of honking horns and the television, but with the chirping of numerous birds. The night skies are a vision to behold studded with thousands of twinkling stars. The night air is fragrant with the exhilarating smells of dense green forests and the trees are filled with hundreds of fireflies.



Aaditaal Arena 01


These are pleasures that we miss out completely in our fast paced city life…

In the lap of such abundant nature nestles Aaditaal, a must visit resort in Aare, a small Konkan village.

Living and working in the city, we have almost lost all our connections with nature. We have forgotten how to listen to and enjoy the soft and soothing sounds and yes, even the deep silence in nature.

There comes a day when we want to get away from it all for a while; Aaditaal is the place to visit! We can hear the roar of the sea, birds chirping the sound of the wind. Experience the star studded night sky and get a flavor of village life made comfortable with modern amenities.

This getaway situated besides a beautiful green hillock in a dense green forest with the sea very close by and its rural ambiance is sure to rejuvenate us and energies us for our work and life in the city.